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Updated May 10, 2011

openvein.com is the all-purpose digital depository for the multi-disciplinary work of John C. Worsley. It serves as a digital portfolio and a record of past work, personal and professional. This is the fourth complete iteration of the site.

john c. worsley
about the artist
John C. Worsley is a professional video-game developer, award-winning electronic musician, intermittent graphic novelist, Cannes-winning film contributor, and occasional technical author.

He was born in Sacramento, California, but has spent the last twenty-five years in idyllic Portland, Oregon.

As an illustrator, he has contributed concept and production art for both online and print games such as Iron Realms' Achaea, Pinnacle's Deadlands: Reloaded and Wizkids' Pirates of the Spanish Main.

Staying generally active in the miniature-comics-mecca that is the Portland comics scene, he is also the maintainer of the websites for the Stumptown Comics Fest, the Portland Zine Symposium, and Shannon Wheeler's Too Much Coffee Man.

He has way too many social networking profiles and writes about himself compulsively in the third person.

Once for six months he walked up a volcano every night.

Any given night you might find him there.

Atascadero, Escondido.

gone by train

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