October 30, 2015
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Preview of Knock Knock Knock
Preview of ROAR
Preview of JCW
Preview of KBW
Preview of Vertebrae
Preview of The Devil's Spotlight
Preview of Thirteen Thirteen
Preview of Spookduck
Preview of Which Witch
Preview of Trick or Treat
Preview of Spookie Floofie
Preview of John Sea Monsterly
Preview of Corpse Its
Preview of Inktober Revival

Preview of Winged StudyPreview of StandingPreview of Dark GrinPreview of Dirt in the GroundPreview of Achaean SirenPreview of Reflecting RiversPreview of Dr Sketchy's, Umbrella AttitudePreview of Dr Sketchy's, Male CrouchingPreview of from the cutting room floorPreview of the future can be boringPreview of one day we'll flyPreview of percy, it's usPreview of sir and madame onePreview of mask of zeusPreview of over shoulderPreview of widow's walk lake 7bPreview of red starsPreview of please and thank youPreview of maelstromPreview of live red shadowsPreview of scribbly manPreview of The One NeoPreview of Lightbulb In WyomingPreview of Your UndertowPreview of Listening MonstersPreview of ExpectationsPreview of LUNA 01Preview of GnightpdxPreview of EXEGESIS 004: StopPreview of AnymorePreview of SmotePreview of EXEGESIS 013: MONOPreview of EXEGESIS 020: DOPPELGANGERPreview of EXEGESIS 023: TRANSITPreview of EXEGESIS 027: DISBELIEFPreview of Faithful

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