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Painkillers: A Myth of Modern Medicine
2008, 148 pages b&w trade paperback, $12 USD

Argo Percy
The Doctor Seripho
Students Gray
In the cold, flat skies of Argo, bored clouds spiral around derelict towers while lost birds sing lonely songs, indifferent to the high-frequency, wireless thoughts merging invisibly through the ether.

Waking minds wane these days as the Multinets thrive, their medicated dream-logic teeming online with the unified thoughts of a planet's passive bodies. Electrical equality for all but the Sensitives, the "Feelers" immune to Dr. Eurenno's painkillers, sentenced to inherit a world abandoned for digital nirvana.

Sensitives like Percy...

None of the "schools" ever mattered to Percy, none asked more than blind adherence to ideology. Seripho House hardly seemed a candidate for deviation from the norm, but here there are two who seem to understand, whose eyes look past those paranoid lenses, who shrink neither from his books nor his ideas. Behind their smirks he sees something deeper, something dangerous.

And in the ghost-white halls and silent classrooms of Seripho, a long-kept secret is lurking...
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