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LUNA. A tribute.

LUNA. A tribute. from John C. Worsley on Vimeo.

The Apollo missions were equipped with a 70mm Hasselblad still camera. These missions brought back almost 25,000 frames of the journey from Earth to the Moon, cataloged in the Apollo Image Atlas.

Here are 3,277 of those frames, composited into a short experimental video in tribute to the Apollo program, and all who worked on it.

Music composed originally by Clint Mansell for the film "Moon," and performed in this version by clearsignals.

Little Paper Birds

Little Paper Birds from John C. Worsley on Vimeo.

vocals and photos: myrrh larsen
music and lyrics: john c. worsley
inspiration: mark linkous, sparklehorse (rip)
origami video: ilana sol, "on paper wings" (

Music by the middle sea.

The Star Clock

The Star Clock from John C. Worsley on Vimeo.

2010 was full of stars. Here is a multidimensional sidereal timepiece to commemorate it.

VV Cephei is an eclipsing binary star system located in the constellation Cepheus, approximately 2,400 light years from Earth.

Music by clearsignals.

In The Mood for Tearing Apart

In The Mood For Tearing Apart from John C. Worsley on Vimeo.

Cover of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by maschineblind (john c. worsley and maschinelike), intercut with video from Wong Kar Wai's Fa Yeung Nin Wa / In The Mood For Love.

Loveless Desire

Loveless Desire. from John C. Worsley on Vimeo.

A deconstructed cover of the Cure's "Love Song" intercut with scenes from Wim Wenders' film Der Himmel er Berlin / Wings of Desire.

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