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Painkillers Book Out
Painkillers: A Myth of Modern Medicine
October 09 2014


October 01 2012

rag doll blues: parts & pieces

January 01 2011

clearsignals | the star clock

November 08 2010

In early 2010, Portland-native John C. Worsley composed 12 songs, "stars lost your name," each in a different state, traveling east.

In late 2010, Boston-native Star St.Germain released 12 songs, "name your lost stars," each about a different state, traveling west.

These songs meet in the middle.


September 29 2010

the social network remix contest
From a wide and varied field of worthy entries from many talented musicians, I'm pleased to announce that my submission, "On We March (Incept/Except)," has been selected as the runner-up by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for their remix contest promoting the new David Fincher film, The Social Network.

“The mood and vibe really stood out from the crowd.”
— Trent Reznor

The track rests midway between the spacey, reverberant instrumental electronics of clearsignals and the ominously dissonant atmosphere of the original piece.

Check out my mix, and many other great submissions, at remix.nin.com. The original soundtrack is available from the fine folks at The Null Corporation.

March 24 2010

clearsignals | stars lost your name

January 24 2010

Dead Valentines 2010

July 29 2009

LUNA: A Moonthological Curiosity

June 22 2009

The next Someday Incubator will be held this Tuesday, June 23rd, starting at 9pm at the Someday Lounge. I'll be in attendance doing the regular live drawing thing for anyone that can make it out in Portland. Music from The Middle Sea, Critical, and others!

There is also a live stream that will be available to the Internet at large once the show is underway.

April 06 2009

In twelve days is the sixth annual Stumptown Comics Fest, which I've been helping organize since the humble beginnings in the Old Church here in Portland. Those that can, do attend!

Stumptown Comics Fest: Episode Six!

March 01 2009

spiral ring

After much too long, openvein has been re-booted with a new design and organization scheme.

Hundreds of images have been added from 2008 to the art section, and there is now an area for videos, containing the recent live art performance experiments at the Someday Lounge and a revised version of The Listeners 24-hour Comic.

Feedback welcome.

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